Supermarket Sweep

20 Aug

Today, graciously escorted by my neighbors Mike and Karen, I made my first grocery shopping trip.  The mission was clear – go to as many stores as possible to get the absolute best deal, even if it’s only by a few cents.  Today we conquered 3 stores; Kmart (yes, Kmart. and there are TWO on the island), Plaza Extra, and Cost U Less.

I discovered that PX has better produce, Cost U Less is basically Costco, Kmart should be used as a last resort, and all places sell handles of rum for $9.99 (i’m sensing a theme…).

Other lessons learned:

  • don’t buy St. Thomas Dairies milk (reconstituted, ew)
  • Orange juice is ridiculously expensive (Florida is far away?)
  • people LOVE to double and triple bag, even for one item (just like Harlem!)
  • you must make small talk with employees if addressed. Or prepare to be ostracized and hated.
  • DO NOT throw away your receipt before exiting, unless you want forever roam the aisles of Kmart (or PX, or C.U.L…)

I promise not to bullet in every post

My first battle ended victoriously; I saved 20 cents by buying baby carrots at Plaza Extra, and even though I spent more on EVOO (I will not write out what this stands for) at Cost U Less, I saved because I bought in bulk.
Shoot, I forgot the toilet paper…

Because I can’t justify a post with only one picture, here’s a snapshot of a tiny pineapple from my yard, proving that good things in small packages do grow on trees.

*water bottle used to illustrate size

2 Responses to “Supermarket Sweep”

  1. sydney August 21, 2011 at 8:18 pm #

    you have a pineapple tree/bush?!? Any other fresh fruits growing in your yard??

    • alexadmuller August 21, 2011 at 8:39 pm #

      We have a couple of guava trees and a coconut tree! When the guava (guavas?) are ripe I’ll let you know how they are.

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