Driver’s Dread

2 Sep

If you have ever ridden the Coney Island Cyclone, or any other ancient, rattling wooden roller coaster, then you have driven in St. Thomas.  Every time I get in the car, I feel I should secure the lap bar and make sure my arms and legs are safely inside.  My Montero Sport/looming metal beast even makes the unmistakable tick tick tick of a coaster car heading for the apex on every hill it climbs.

What’s worse is that the condition of the roads:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B










Met with the condition of my car:

good tire

bad tire

…make for an interesting, and possibly life-threatening, adventure every time I start the engine.






And so the adventure doesn’t get too boring, things like

this:                                                                …and this:

No railing, No problem

you see what that sign says, right?

are thrown into the daily mix.  Regardless, there are still laws here that all drivers must follow.  Stay in the left lane, buckle up, don’t text/talk and drive, and always ask your bartender for a to-go cup.

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